Terms & Conditions

  1. Items sold have passed our criteria of being in "wearable" condition.
  2. High Fashion Branded items are labeled as "aunthentic".  However, these claims are made by the contributors.  BPOS will not be held accountable for any mis-representation made by the contributors, while we try to collect any items' authenticity cards where possible and applicable.
  3. Shoppers are welcomed to view the items before purchasing at our showroom by appointments only. Please contact info@bulirpadi.com should you want to schedule an appointment.
  4. No exchanges or refunds permitted.  While we try to indicate the items condition truthfully, we highly encourage shoppers who intend to purchase Branded items to preview their items at our storage location before making a purchase.
  5. Once you have placed an order, an automatic email will be sent to you to proceed with payment. You have 48hrs to complete this payment, beyond that your order will be automatically cancelled. Once you have made payment, please email with proof. Only then will we check your payment and deliver your item (s).

  6. 100% of the proceeds go towards funding Bulir Padi Foundation programs. For more information please visit: www.bulirpadi.com​






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