About Us

Bulir Padi Foundation was legally formed on June 19th, 2002.

A bit on our philosophy and where 'Bulir Padi' name comes from:

The padi plant has many uses and benefits, whether in its raw state or processed as one of the main staple foods of man. The philosophy associated with this plant will hopefully inspire marginal children to develop as self-sufficient individuals who contribute to the welfare of their families and communities.

Just as the padi plant bends lower as it ripens, so too do those who are more knowledgeable display greater humility. Our marginal children will hopefully develop inner potential, enhance knowledge, but remain humble in their journey towards adulthood.

our vision:

To ensure and provide marginal children with their full rights to adequate education, shelter and nutrition. To regain/increase the trust and hope of those marginally challenged children towards life and education, while instilling upon them a positive attitude/mentality in becoming self-sufficient individuals with potential and confidence.

Core Team Members: 

- Tia Sutresna (Programs & Activities Director)
- Irma Isnaedi (Marketing Communications Director)
- Chevita Siregar (Finance Director),

- Illiana Wijanarko (Public Relations Director)

- Alia Adis Nasier (website manager)

- Naufal  (Field Officer)
- Yuyun Khaulah (Administration Officer)

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